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Our Routes

The map has two different routes. The Green Route (to the Iron-Age Hillfort) is 6km long. The Blue Route (to Nibley Monument) is 8km long (or 7km if you miss out the monument leg). The arrows on our posts are in different colours depending on which route you are taking.

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Both routes start in Chipping Car Park and scan the first ‘Digital Story Point’ by the Heritage Centre. Walk down Market Street. There are lots of amenities such as The Star Inn, cinema, The Swan, The Craft Room, Daisy Daisy, Victoria Fabrics.

At the end of Market Street turn left onto the High Street and you’ll pass The Pet Shop and Crafters.

At the top of the High Street, turn Right onto Bear Street and walk past the garage. At the end of Bear Street, carefully cross and continue straight up Tabernacle. The Auction Rooms are at the top of the hill. Follow the road round to the left and follow the road between a garage and number 13. You will then walk a narrow path.

At the top of the path there is a national speed limit sign and a viewing area to your right which has a wonderful view. You can catch your breath here and there is a bench.

Go right and walk up the hill on the road (this is not very far and you will be on the path quickly). Stick to the right-hand side of the road so you can see any cars coming

Post number 1 with Digital Story Point B is on your left and you will be able to see it from the road. You will walk up a small slope and then turn left.

Whilst walking through this area there is a tree which has a rope swing. Walk through the kissing gate and you are at Wotton Hill. Here you can take in the view (or have a picnic).

Once you have walked around the trees post 2 will be in front of you. At post 2 go straight through the gate and then turn right where you will walk along the left hand edge of a field. Please do not walk on the field as it is planted with crops.

At the end of the field follow the path past post 3.

Turn left by the log pile and look for number 4.

When you arrive at post 5 choose whether to take the longer or shorter route (Both follow the same story)

Green Route

Follow the path straight ahead past post 6 and then keep right at post 7

Note: There is no post 8 & 9 on this route. The next post you will get to is marked post 10.

Blue Route

At pole 7 bear right in between the two posts. After you have walked down the hill follow the blue arrows.

At post 8 go between the 2 posts (this takes you to Nibley Monument). The views are lovely from here (If you don't wish to visit the monument today, turn Left instead at this post and after 50 metres, you should see post 9). Once you have admired the views (and/or had a picnic) go back using the same path that you were just using. There is one place where the path forks, you want to take the right hand fork. When you get back to post 8 turn sharp right.

Both routes them merge together again at post 10

Between posts 11 and 12 there is a brilliant view with logs to sit on.

Just before post 13 turn hard right (this is almost a U-Turn, there is a small path that goes down the hill).

Proceed with caution! There are natural tree steps ahead that can be slippery when wet!

At post 15 turn left. Follow the fence down until the bottom of the hill. Beware there are sheep in the field next to the path so have dogs on a lead.

Keep heading through woods to pole 16.

After post 18 (the final woodland post) go through the kissing gate and follow the path to the right. Then go through the kissing gate at the other side of the field into a field with ponies in. Make sure you keep dogs on a lead and don’t feed them. Follow path through this field and go through the kissing gate and follow short thin path.

At the end turn right down the road. At the bottom be careful as you will be coming out onto a busy road. You will need to cross this road to get onto the path. Go down the path where there is a sign for Little Acre. At the bottom of the path turn left.

Keep going straight until you arrive at Bear Street here there is a zebra crossing just to your left. Beware many people do not stop at zebra crossings. Cross here and then turn right and quickly turn left into the High Street.

Whilst you’re here visit our shops and our award-winning pubs and restaurants!

Here are some ideas for where to have a meal or takeaway: Relish, The Edge Coffee Shop (which also has a lovely large garden at the rear), The Ark Coffee Shop, Parsons, Good Food on the Edge, Walkers Bakers, Indian Palace and The Falcon Steakhouse.

Return to the Chipping Car park along Market Street by the Tolsey Clock

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