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Family Centered Walking Trails: Seeing Wotton one Step at a Time...

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At the moment, we're waiting on extra funding to build 3 extra points at the beginning of the trail. However, we want you to enjoy the story before that! Here's the first 3 sections so that you don't miss out!

Part 1

Aha! What a beautiful day! Jack looked outside and smelt the sweet smell of freshly cut grass. Not a cloud in the sky either. Perfect for rugby!

He had already organised to meet up with his friends in Synwell Park and had dressed in his Bristol Bears shirt. All he needed now was the ball!

He had many types of balls in his shed: cricket balls, tennis balls and even a few footballs. But today he wanted to use his favourite Rugby ball. It was red with white stripes and a signature from a Gloucester player… But where was it?

Part 2

Jack frowned and began to search the garden, rooting through bushes and checking the tree branches, looking for just a little patch of red hidden amongst the green. But there was nothing that he could see that even resembled his ball!

How could that be? He had been playing with it just yesterday, he was sure of that. “Mum,” he called his voice full of worry, “Have you seen my rugby ball?” The answer wasn’t positive…

Part 3

Whilst he was looking for it, he didn’t notice his four-legged friend, Rory, drop his favourite tennis ball at his feet. Rory couldn’t understand it, what was wrong with this ball? It might be a bit battered but it still had plenty of bounce!

As he watched, a simple memory was brought to the front of his mind: Jack had played with a funny shaped ball, an oval, out in the forest a few days ago…

Rory barked excitedly! He knew where the ball was. He tried telling Jack, but he just wasn’t listening. How would they find the ball when it wasn’t in the garden!?

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