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Cookie Policy

Our website uses cookies to keep a note of which posts you’ve visited and which you haven’t.

A cookie is just a small text file that’s saved to your computer and is deleted over time. Our page runs Javascript to check these cookies to let you know how far through the walk you’ve are. Most of our cookies are deleted a few days after your visit. Although a few, such as your last date of visit, stay on your device for longer to save you time when you visit us again.

No data about the posts you’ve visited gets shared with us: all the information is saved by your browser to your device.

Privacy Policy

We have to say the following, as your personal data is important.

When completing our trails, none of your information gets shared with us. Any error reports are shared anonymously and we won’t ask you to enter your personal details to take part in the trail.

When you enter the story competition, we need to store your child’s first name and their initial, their date of birth, the story they enter and your email address. Telling us your child’s date of birth allows us to group entries into age groups for judging. We need your email address so that we can contact you about updates to the story competition and ultimately let you know if your child wins!

We won’t share your email address with anyone else. However, if your child’s story is successful we’d love to publish and share it. We’ll contact you before doing this to check whether you would prefer us to share the story anonymously.

Story Competition Terms and Conditions

By entering the Wotton Trails Story Competition, you must agree to the following terms and conditions.

  1. The story has been written by a child under the age of 16. Parents and guardians are of course welcome to help but the majority of the work should be completed by the young person.
  2. The information you submit (such as birth year) should be correct to the best of your knowledge. This allows us to ensure the competition is fairly judged.
  3. The story must not contain any NSFW content and where possible you should avoid including any references to other brands or companies.
  4. You’re happy for us to share the story anonymously with any third-party judges and share it if it is successful. (We’ll contact you prior to this to ask if you would like to publish the story anonymously)
  5. You’re happy for us to contact you by email to tell you the latest story competition updates and let you know the results.
  6. The information you enter into the form should not intentionally try to corrupt our file system or infect our system with any sort of malicious software.
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